Here’s an app for our politicians that’s in fashion any time of year. It’s a game actually. It’s free and they don’t have to download it. That’s because they already have it!

It’s called THINK. It stands for:

THere’s something I Never Knew


THere’s something I Need to Know


THere’s something I Need to teach our Kids

All they need to run it is a computer, an Internet connection and 1 hour a week. It also runs on smartphones.

Here are the instructions. Skim through your favourite newspaper(s) or magazine(s) or briefing notes, watch or listen to a newscast. Whenever you hear or see a word that tickles your fancy, write it down and Google it. It could be the name of a country or the latest electronic gizmo or an ingredient in something you’ve been eating for years that health authorities say you shouldn’t eat any more.

The side trips and excursions are the best part because Googling is like that. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. I was. That’s why a group of us are writing a book called Things We Didn’t Know. We add at least one page to it every day.

THINK is suitable for all social and business occasions. Politicians can use it to create new Trivial Pursuit questions or planks in their platforms. Or try to remember whatever happened to their favourite sweater. Or understand why, when China and India are educating their people to be engineers and turning them out by the thousands, we’re not.

THINK. The non-partisan risk assessment and due diligence game for politicians and non-politicians of all political stripes. Batteries not required.

THINK. PDD tried it. We like it.

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