The economy is the environment: Here are three rules for surviving in it

McLuhan said: ‘The medium is the message.’ Robert Baden-Powell said: ‘Be prepared.’ PDD says: ‘The economy is the environment.’

Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scout movement to teach young men and, later, young women, the rules of survival in the natural environment. One way or another, we all learn them, especially the part about paying the price if we don’t.

The $1.2 trillion dollars Americans owe on their student debt, and the $25 billion to $50 Canadians owe, suggest that nobody taught them Rule #1 and Rule #2. Understanding those rules is a rite of passage. There are three of them:

  1. Eat or be eaten. Or, out-compete.
  2. Be prepared.
  3. See 1 and 2. There is no 4.

PDD trains people in the meaning and application of Rules #1 and #2 to choosing and justifying higher education. We’ve assembled links to over 40 articles on the ‘In the media’ page of our blog on the subject of what the economy is doing to the labour market right now and what some of the best minds believe it will be doing. More are on the way. We don’t expect our clients to agree with everything they’ll read there, but we do expect them to be aware of it. Our job is to lead them to the information we’ve assembled in the PDD trough. Their job is to choose what they’re going to drink and why. I think business calls that ‘accountability’. 

One of the biggest challenges we face as a country in a global economy is creating an awareness of what is and what will be. What was is history. Much of the inertia associated with clinging to the past comes from the influence of parents and other elders. The president of a college in the Southern U.S. said that it’s easier to change the course of history than it is to change a course in history. Refusing to respect Rule #2 is like mental foot binding. It explains why one of the toughest things to change is a mind.

The Personal Due Diligence Project is committed to encouraging and helping young people become gainfully employed post-secondary graduates. They will:

  • Be the underpinning of a society that’s intellectually nimble, adaptable and resilient
  • Spend their time in ways that benefit all of us
  • Make a social and economic difference
  • Be necessary if the Canada we know is going to survive

May we all live long and prosper!




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