Personal Due Diligence (PDD) is a practice that teaches by consulting. It helps its clients understand what too many students and their parents don’t — what employers need in employees and why only one in ten can show that they have it.


The problem

Parents expect to see a positive financial return on their investment in university for their children. How much of a return will depend on whether their degree translates into a permanent position in their chosen field. The thinking behind what résumé screening software finds when it scans a résumé will determine whether it survives the encounter. Ninety percent of all résumés don’t, including those submitted by newly minted graduates. Rejected résumés do not lead to interviews.

The Royal Bank recently announced RBC Future Launch. It addresses the problem you face if you’re contemplating sending your child to university, and there’s no escaping it. Clicking here will take you to the Future Launch home page. This is what you’ll find:

“Canada’s youth are set up to fail in the new economy. In fact, today’s generation is at risk of ending up poorer than their parents.1 Failing to close the gap in unemployment rates between Canadian youth and people of prime-working age would mean missing out on a nearly $30B lift to our economy.2 Young people deserve a chance, and that’s why we created Future Launch. If youth fail, we all fail.”

The next page (click here) is entitled ‘Humans Wanted: How Canadian Youth Can Thrive in the Age of Disruption.’ It says, in part:

“In the coming decade, half of all jobs will be disrupted by technology and automation. Some will change dramatically. Others will disappear completely, replaced by jobs that are yet to be invented. We are living through an era of radical change, with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and automation transforming the way we work, even in unexpected fields such as law and customer service.

“We discovered that the four million Canadian youth entering the workforce over the next decade are going to need a foundation of skills that sets them up for many different jobs and roles rather than a single career path. They will need a portfolio of human skills such as critical thinking, social perceptiveness, and complex problem solving to remain competitive and resilient in the labour market.

“We found that Canada is shifting from a jobs economy to a skills economy, and yet employers, educators and policy makers are not prepared. Here are four things you need to know about the coming skills revolution and the future of work:

  • Disruption Is Accelerating
  • Flexibility Is the Future
  • Digital Literacy Is Essential
  • We Need to Prepare for the Future of Work”

The solution: Calling Personal Due Diligence to schedule an in-depth discussion

The 10% of applicants who survive résumé screening made it this far because they understood everything you just read. The words they wrote reflected it. They told a screening application that they satisfied the hiring manager’s criteria. A decision that will determine how your graduate’s life plays out warrants thinking very carefully about what will be on his or her résumé, how well it will be received, by whom, when and where. And it will start well before any irreversible post-secondary decisions are made. It’s what PDD does and what PDD teaches through the projects it assigns and assesses each month for 24 months.

We’re living in a world “where jobs are evolving at the same pace as iPhone upgrades,” according to Andrew Petter, President and Vice-Chancellor of Simon Fraser University. The more graduates universities produce, the more we’re going to need.

PDD is four people who represent 160+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial work and business experience. Your family will learn about labour market research, written and verbal presentation, communication, sales promotion and sales skills. That includes preparing a résumé and the documentation that goes with it. We leave nothing to chance: the work is detailed, individualized and built so that your child will be part of the 10%. What you learn together will last a lifetime.

Our agreements with our clients cover two years of face-to-face meetings. The agreement can be extended. The projects we assign must be completed and assessed. Our fee is $1000 a year. To learn more about us, select the ‘ABOUT US’ tab at the top of this page.

When our youth win, we all win.



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